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We are Erik & Jessie, and we are on a mission:

To become financially independent through real estate and live a life full of adventures.

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Our real estate and financial journey plus some life adventures!

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Real Estate Investing, Financial Independence, & Other Adventures.

Buying our first home and house hacking
Help! I Married A Real Estate Investor

Hi, it's Jessie and I'm really excited to write a post from my perspective on our real estate journe…

Buying A Duplex In CASH – The Art Of Compounding Momentum

If you’d have told me 2 years ago that in 2020 Jessie and I would purchase a duplex for $90,000… in …

Extreme Sports & Debt Structuring

Becoming debt free has almost become an extreme sport in it’s own right. People are doing all kinds…

BRRRR Investing Out Of State

We bought an investment property in Louisiana, rehabbed it, rented it to a tenant, and refinanced it…

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